Keith Shield with motto This website is the personal website of Tim Keith. I developed it with my favorite links and a means of my friends and family to contact me.

The background image is the ruins of Dunnottar Castle, located on the northeastern coast of Scotland, about seven miles south of Stonehaven. Surrounded by 100 foot sheer cliffs on three sides that drop to the North Sea below, this ruined medieval fortress is a monument to the diligence of Clan Keith to protect and secure Scotland's heritage. It was the Clan Keith's stronghold that protected the Royal Regalia of Scotland. Also known as the Honours of Scotland, the Scottish Regalia primary elements are: the Crown, the Sceptre, and the Sword of State. Click here to display an image of the Honours of Scotland. Click here to display an aerial view of Dunnottar Castle. Click here to display the weather currently at Dunnottar Castle. To see a web cam at nearby Stonehaven harbour, just north up the coast from Dunnottar Castle, click here.

The Scottish tartan is the Clan Keith ancient tartan. I proudly wear my Keith tartan kilt to Scottish events and an occasional wedding. The coat of arms has our motto, Veritas Vincent which means: Truth Conquers. History tells us to stand by the truth because given time, Truth Conquers.